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Demographics :
Pune is yet another booming city in India. It is the perfect sized city with easy access to all facilities and still containing the quantum of ever expanding business sectors. Pune is one of the most well developed cosmopolitan cities where there is seamless harmony between local and global culture. The growth of this city has been such that the real-estate prices have been soaring since 2003. Notably, even though Pune is the seventh largest city in India, it has the sixth largest metropolitan economy with the least income disparity between the rich and poorPune is the 8th largest urban agglomeration in India with a population of 4.5 million, it is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. Pune is a major industrial centre, growing rapidly every year.

Economy :
Business wise Pune is a truly thriving place. Pune is home to some of the biggest national and international companies. The industry sectors that are prominent in Pune are automobile, engineering, IT and BPO. Apart from this Food and electronics is also a gaining good pace in this region. With a very strong presence in the automobile sector Pune is on its way to consolidate its position as the 'Detroit of India.