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Global FranTech Group owns the exclusive rights to market the license of FranTech WTC-3G Complexes through its network of 600 agents in 220 countries. With FranTech WTC-3G license, FranTech's mission is to foster the development of global economy by providing a global perspective to worldwide bankers, importers, exporters, commerce developers, marketers, manufacturers and innovators on newly emerging and preemptive banking technologies for FranTech WTC-3G.

There is a tremendous market worldwide for Importers, Exporters, Investors for FranTech World Trade Centers-3G licensing of Foreign FranTech WTC-3G Complexes and services, and thus project FranTech WTC-3G already has interest from several countries.

FranTech along with WTCA desires to establish a truly global Trade, Commerce and Import/Export banking footprint in 220 countries by licensing "FranTech WTC-3G GLOBAL CENTRAL DEPOSITORY". Global FranTech Group also plans on developing FranTech WTC-3G's LLC. brand name recognition and positioning of FranTech WTC-3G LLC with many Governmental IMPORT/EXPORT agencies where it already has associations in place.

A World Trade Center provides important benefits not only for tenants and visitors, but for the entire region -- by encouraging business expansion, attracting international visitors and helping new businesses get started. Rather than duplicating the services of existing private or governmental groups, a World Trade Center seeks to complement their work and cooperate closely with them to make their services even more effective.

Sometimes people want to know if a successful World Trade Center is also a good business venture. The answer is an emphatic yes. A location in a World Trade Center that has a wide range of trade participants and supporting services has a special appeal to a prospective tenant or business visitor. The result is higher rental rates and higher occupancy levels for World Trade Centers compared to conventional buildings.

WTCA Member benefits:
Every organization accepted for WTCA membership receives a series of member benefits. A Regular Member gains the exclusive right to use the registered World Trade Center designation and WTCA logo in its economic region. It also gains the assistance of the WTCA and other World Trade Centers in developing and operating a World Trade Center. Helping its members is the chief priority of the WTCA. From its headquarters in New York, the WTCA has developed a variety of programs for that purpose.

Semi-annual meetings give every member an opportunity to participate in the activities of the WTCA, to hear proposals for new programs and to meet informally with counterparts from other World Trade Centers. In addition, there is a periodic Member Seminar, a World Trade Center Handbook, a state-of-the-art Web site , a monthly newsletter and a variety of manuals, brochures and other materials. There is also a network of WTCA regional coordinators. These are experienced World Trade Center operators in various parts of the world who advise WTCA members on all aspects of
World Trade Center start-up and operation.

And a dedicated staff at WTCA headquarters is available to respond quickly to member requests for assistance. A formal certification program has been organized by the WTCA to guide World Trade Centers in developing and operating their services and to enhance the program of reciprocal services among World Trade Centers. With heavy input from World Trade Centers, specific criteria have been established for every important World Trade Center service and facility. A World Trade Center can be certified only after a trained professional reviews the services and facilities On-site.

Much of the WTCA's work is carried out by its eight standing committees, including:

The Committee on Facilities and Functions
The Committee on International Relations and Development
The Committee on Public Relations and Information
The Committee on Planning and Finance
The Committee on Tourism, Hospitality and Cultural Exchange
The Committee on Trade Education, Training and Research
The Committee on Trade Fairs and Trade Marts
The Committee on WTC Quality and Standards

How to get started with FranTech WTC-3G
FranTech World Trade Centers-3G may be developed by regional government entities, by private businesses or by joint public-private ventures. They can be found in industrializing as well as industrialized regions, in urban and rural settings and in many types of political or economic settings.

All members of the WTCA are part of a global family, and mutual assistance among World Trade Centers is a top WTCA priority.
Each World Trade Center is a branch office for all other World Trade Centers, and a business that joins one World Trade Center is automatically a member of all of them. This arrangement enables any World Trade Center local member to call on World Trade Centers around the world for assistance with market information, setting up appointments or other business needs.

Under the WTCA's constitution, only one World Trade Center may be accepted for WTCA membership in a region. Accordingly, each application for membership is carefully reviewed by the WTCA Board to confirm that the applicant has the resources and other credentials to develop the project successfully. WTCA members represent regions, not countries, in keeping with the WTCA's apolitical philosophy.

The association is thus freed from some restrictions that limit the effectiveness of other international bodies. It stands outside of politics and across national boundaries in serving the needs of traders in all parts of the world. This approach has made it possible for the WTCA to build communication and understanding between countries that do not have diplomatic relations with each other.

Through a variety of initiatives, including special assistance to the war-ravaged Balkan countries, the WTCA is showing by example the power of “peace through trade”.

After learning about World Trade Centers, many people want to know how they can establish a World Trade Center to serve their own business communities. The first step is to contact WTCA headquarters in New York. Either during your visit or through the mail, you will be given complete documentation on the World Trade Center concept, the objectives and programs of the WTCA, and the membership application procedure, as well as an application for membership.

In addition, you should visit the WTCA's web site at and meet with leaders of one or more nearby operating World Trade Centers.

For those interested in joining the WTCA family, there are several categories of WTCA membership available:

Regular membership for organizations that want the exclusive right to develop and operate a World Trade Center in their region.

Satellite membership for organizations desiring to establish a World Trade Center in a region where there is already a Regular WTCA and who would like to develop an additional World Trade Center with the support of the region's Regular member.

Option membership for organizations that wish to reserve the right, for a period of time up to one year, to apply for regular membership in a specified region while they develop their planning and arrangements for a World Trade Center there.