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There are approximately 40,000 multinational corporations world wide and approximately 250,000 overseas collaborations having cross-territory operations. Globalization has given entrance to markets by means of technology and with superior communications and management technologies available, more and more companies are able to capitalize on the increasing international trade flow.

Today, as every multinational corporation is striving to expand itself and to increase its markets and brand presence, India undoubtedly remains a sought after destination. India has not only proven its potential as a global business center but it has also sustained sporadic recession trends in Asia. All major Asian countries and particularly India stands as the most attractive foreign direct investment region with additional benefits for companies like reduced labor, materials or overall operation costs. Also the improvisation in internet and other telecommunications technology, and liberalization in international trade laws and treaties have resulted in accelerated globalization which has made every prominent company to consider exploring Asian and especially Indian market.

The fact file of India in international trade is truly amazing
India stands as the world's largest democracy with over one billion people creating a pool of market potential and resources.

India is also the 10th largest global economy with a strong and sustained GDP growth.

India also provides attractive and diverse market for almost every product and service. Easier access to capital is also a strong feature of Indian market.

According to Goldman Sachs report on BRIC countries (2003) India is positioned to have the highest growth rate of more than 5% in the next 50 years.

Even currently with 43rd position in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index rankings for 2006-07, India is ahead of all BRIC countries.

Another reason why scope for international trade in India is so promising is the positive change in Indian Governmental Policies, widening Indian Market and Demographics and accelerated Indian Economic Growth.

To this booming economy which is to benefit both Indian and global market FranTech WTC-3G will provide the right platform for a sustained and all round development.Unlike any other region every Indian city has immense potential to develop into a global business center. However some Key Indian cities are already well equipped for the FranTech WTC-3G India project.

India being diverse in its resources, every city has a scope for multiple business sectors to thrive simultaneously. And that's why India has been such a strong member of the International Trade community.

As much as India as country every major city here has a promising potential for holding and exploring a platform like
FranTech WTC-3G.

Following the hugely successful WTC centers of Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul and many others in Asian region,
FranTech WTC-3G India centers will be positioned to create an impact in Asia and its economy.

For bringing FranTech WTC-3G to India, FranTech seeks potential companies that are interested and qualified to hold
FranTech WTC-3G licenses.

For the first phase of FranTech WTC-3G India project all metro cities as well as upcoming business centers have been nominated. Below are the profiles of Indian cities nominated for FranTech WTC-3G project.


Delhi | Mumbai | Chennai | Kolkatta | Bangalore | Hyderabad | Pune | Ahmedabad | Chandigarh | Nagpur | Lucknow | Patna