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Demographics :
Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat and the seventh-largest urban agglomeration in India, with a population of almost 53 lakhs (5.3 million).Located on the banks of the River Sabarmati, Ahmedabad is a thriving trade center in the country. With a highest literacy rate in the state and best of infrastructure Ahmedabad provides good living standards at every level of society. Ahmedabad is home to a large population of Vanias (i.e., traders), belonging to the Vaishnava sect of Hinduism and the sects of Jainism. Most of the residents of Ahmedabad are native Gujaratis. Hindi and English are commonly spoken, especially in commerce, education, politics and government. Ever since its foundation, the city has attracted migrant workers from other regions of the state and the country who bring their native language and culture to the city. The military base near the city, and presence of government institutions such as ONGC, also bring an influx of people from across India. Ahmedabad, thus enjoys a diverse cultural society.

Economy :
Ahmedabad is the largest inland industrial center in western India, and has historically enjoyed a reputation as an important base of commerce, trade and industry. In the 19th century, the textile and garments industry developed and thrived in the city. Today, Arvind Mills, located in Ahmedabad, is one of the largest textile mills in the country. In recent years many foreign companies have set up their sales offices and production facilities in Ahmedabad. The Gujarat government has also increased investment in the modernization of the city's infrastructure, providing for the construction of larger roads and improvements to water supply, electricity and communications. The information technology industry has also developed significantly in Ahmedabad. A NASSCOM survey in 2002 on the "Super Nine Indian Destinations" for IT-enabled services ranked Ahmedabad fifth among the top nine most competitive cities in the country.

Ahmedabad plays a strong and significant role in providing commercial resources and market access for the economies of neighboring cities. A majority of the work force of Ahmedabad are traders and business people. This has led to the creation of major mercantile corporations and artisan guilds that are a key influence on the economic life of Gujarat. The presence of renowned educational & industrial institutions like IIM, FICCI and CII also provide a platform that fosters the intellectual and industrial growth of this city.