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Global FranTech Group is Your International Partner for Technology Transfer, Financial Funding and Investment Banking Service.

At FranTech our mission is to foster the development of Global Economy by providing a Global Perspective to marketers, manufacturers, and inventors of newly-emerging technology. For this we have been providing world-class solutions for licensing and transfer of innovations to emerging economies in 220 countries.

For achieving our mission of making developing economies thriving, the structure and essence of Global FranTech Group has been discreetly created by our Chairman Mr. Philip J. Nadeau who believes that "In a world of accelerating, inescapable economic and trade interdependence, business success will be won not by isolated individual enterprises or internationally disengaged companies, but by strategic alliances and marketing structures creatively assembled with a global perspective."

To accomplish our mission and move towards our goal this vision has been imbibed in every activity at FranTech.
Since its inception 35 years ago, FranTech has been the most trustworthy platform where global exchange of technology or trade is concerned. Consisting of core partners surrounded by interlocking networks of consultants and affiliates in key trading countries and disciplines we play a significant role in the development of economies across 220 countries of the world.

At FranTech three decades of our expertise in assembling, negotiating and consummating trade, technological and financial agreements is utilized to give comprehensive services to innovators and entrepreneurs. To provide such a broad array of exhaustive services we along with our affiliates draw strength from our shared experience in international trade policy, law, marketing, investment banking and technology research.

In a brief Global FranTech Group can be defined as an organization that provides comprehensive professional services to assist companies and investors seeking to benefit from today's fundamental restructuring of the global economy. With FranTech platform, US technologies are transferred to developing economies and newly emerging technologies from other parts of the world are developed as viable business prospect in their respective markets.

At Global FranTech group we also support large scale real estate and humanitarian projects by extending our marketing expertise and providing resources and funding.

We currently have more than 600 Technologies and business opportunities from every possible industry sector. If you wish to learn more about Global FranTech Group and its opportunities kindly visit


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