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FranTech WTC 3G - A Gateway to the World
A Signature Real Estate Project

Introduction to FranTech WTC-3G :
World Trade Centers are part of one of the largest international trade groups in the world. Globally recognized as a brand and locally focused hub for import/export activity.

World Trade Center is a facility with an economic purpose of connecting its business community to people, to companies & their information and the government agencies which make up the fabric of global commerce.

In last few decades the face of global economy has changed completely. There are now plenty of market places on both local and global level.
World Trade Centers are such global marketplaces -- modern, highly sophisticated shopping centers for the international business community. They offer every essential service for veteran traders as well as those new to international trade. It is not surprising, then, that industrialized and industrializing nations all over the world have embraced the World Trade Center concept.

And the latest generation of this exceptional business hub has arrived as FranTech WTC-3G.

The third generation World Trade Center integrates multiple operations and creates a new type of real estate with offices, showcases, exhibit program, import/export marketing, sales and product distribution.

WTCA already has nearly 300 centers in 90 countries and now with FranTech WTC-3G, Global FranTech Group is all set to launch newest projects for these state of the art Trade Centers.

Role of FranTech WTC-3G in Global Commerce :
World commerce is the life force of any region. What does it take for a region to be successful in the increasingly competitive international marketplace? There must be access to the latest information, including market studies, trade statistics, practices, procedures, regulations and trade directories. There must also be training programs, research facilities and extensive international contacts.

The job of a World Trade Center is to provide all these services and more all in a modern shopping center for trade with a broad representation of the myriad businesses and government agencies involved. Many of these organizations interact with each other frequently and benefit greatly from being located together.

An effective World Trade Center can also include exhibition facilities, a hotel, meeting rooms, temporary offices, a shopping mall, advanced communications equipment and other amenities.

The key to a successful World Trade Center, of course, is its central management group that is continuously organizing programs to meet client needs, including briefings, conferences, educational programs, trade shows and trade missions. It is the combination of physical facilities and trade services that makes a World Trade Center uniquely suited to accomplish its mission.

Growth of WTC :
At the WTCA's first General Assembly in Tokyo in 1970, there were just 15 members. From this modest beginning, the Association's membership has grown to about 290 from 90 countries, encompassing virtually every trading region in the world. Many of these members are their regions' most prominent trading organizations, including, for example, the Paris Chamber of Commerce, the Russian Chamber of Commerce, CCPIT in Beijing, KITA in Seoul, and TAITRA in Taipei.

These and many other WTCA members have constituencies of their own, consisting of local members, tenants and other clients, creating a universe of over 750,000 businesses currently affiliated with the WTCA.